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Joachim M Werdin
(June 2nd 1963 - )

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Joachim M werdin Talking about my experience with choosing the style of life characterized by being a breatharian, I like to say, that it is a side effect or a natural consequence of my way to perfection or a way of conscious self development.

I could say it all began when I was sixteen - I had my first fasting for four days. Since that time I fasted in every year once or twice for three to fourteen days. So, one day, when I felt it's the right time to abandon the physical food, I did it. I said to myself, "now is the right time and the conditions are good, so from tomorrow I will never eat again, since the body doesn't need it any more".

The first and second weeks were quite similar in feelings like before when I was fasting. In the third week I got more conscious, that the body really doesn't need any physical food, since it didn't feel any hunger for so long time. Within next weeks the feeling didn't change, it became a reality in this material world for me, although the unconscious part of the mind still had some difficulties with changing; as I understood it, it still was not sure if the body could be sustained fully on only spiritual charging. Since I didn't want to force it, I drank fruit juices, diluted with water or not, for some time. The more time I spent on contemplation the more the subconsciousness was changing and accepting the life without taking any thing into the mouth.

The transferring process took some longer time for me then I planned, maybe because I was all the time running my company, seating in front of my computer ten or more hours in a day, as usually, and I didn't give enough time for the spiritual exercises.

Also, I like to emphasize, that to become a breatharian should not be the main goal. It rather should be one of steps, naturally achieved, on a way of individual self development process of a human being.