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- A vegetarian Omnivore... - The worlds oldest living dog.

Brambles munching on celeryDog Health Guide - Ant-Aging According to the Sunday Telegraph, Bramble, living in Bridgewater, Somerset, UK, has just (August 2002) celebrated her 27th birthday, possibly making her the world's oldest living dog and a contender for the "Guiness Book of Records".

How exactly does a dog live to be 189 (in dog years)? - Anne Heritage, 43, describes how Bramble survived at least one near-death-experience right at the outset in February 1977:

Longevity in dogs and other animals
"She loves exercise and has a real passion for being outdoors. She can be a thorn in my side when she's restless, but it's what keeps her going." - Anne
"The day after we brought her home, the [New Quay rescue centre] kennels flooded and the other dogs drowned," says Ms. Heritage.

"So she's been incredibly lucky."

Aside from luck, Bramble's secret to longevity is a vegetarian diet. Ms. Heritage is a vegan and has brought up her pooch on the same diet regime she herself follows.

"She has a big bowl of rice, lentils and organic vegetables every evening," says Ms. Heritage.

"And to every beast of the earth, and to every fowl of the air, and to everything that creepith upon the earth, wherein there is life, I have given every green herb for meat: and so it was" - Genesis 1:30
In addition to healthy eating, exercise is a must. Last year while recovering from a back injury from a fall, which doctors said could have paralyzed her, Bramble began taking swimming lessons at a canine hydrotherapy pool in Stolford. She now enjoys a a half an hour at a canine hydrotherapy pool, where Anne's partner Roy Franklin takes her weekly on Fridays..

She's still alert and active and goes for a walk four times a day.

The Daily Mail reports Britain's oldest dog was a pedigree papillon called Fred who died at the of 29 in 2000. The world's longest-lived dog was an Australian cattle dog who lived to be just months older than Fred.

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