I suppose a brief introduction is in order, my name is Mango Wodzak, and I am the author of the books around which this website revolves. I was born in England, 1961 and am really just a simple, peace-loving guy with a vision and message I wish to share with the world.


In the latter half of the 1980s, it suddenly dawned on me that countless, innocent animals had been brutally butchered on my behalf. I saw the trail of blood and cruelty caused by my daily eating habits and felt a deep shame at my behaviour. This thought hit me like a day wearing new shoes, and I immediately made the decision to cease devouring slaughtered animals. I guess, with the realisation that I myself would not be able to take the knife to the throat of a cow, or any other animal, without feeling an unbearable amount of guilt and sadness, it therefore seemed hypocritical of me to turn a blind eye to the fact that others were doing this vicious, merciless act for me. Thus began my journey back to my true self.


Over the years which have passed since then, I feel I have been blessed with a series of equally profound revelations, each one guiding me forward on my journey. I feel it is now my duty to share my revelations with the world, in the hope that those who are ready for them may also learn, progress and prosper from them. This is the sole purpose of my writing.


Currently, I find myself living with my life partner, and fellow long-term fruitarian, Kveta, in the tropics of North Queensland, Australia. She too is in the process of writing her own books, which when finished I will be sure to include on this website. we do not know how long this process will take, she is writing in her mother tongue, the Czech language, so it will take even longer before an English-language version is available. You can also read a selection of my poetry kindly hosted at the all-creatures website.


You can read an online interview with me here, and one with Kveta here. Or alternatively you can watch and listen from the following media files:



I was also interviewed on Sydney radio some years ago, just a short few minute interview available to listen to here.

See also the following interviews: http://fruitarianbodybuilder.com/fruitarian-mango-wodzak-interview-destination-eden-eden-fruitarian-guidebook-review/ and http://www.barefootvegan.com/barefootvegan-online/meet-the-author-of-destination-eden-fruitarianism-explained-mango-wodzak and http://mangodurian.blogspot.com.au/2009/04/fruitarian-interview-31-mango-wodzak.html


E infine un po 'di me in italiano: https://www.fruttalia.it/manifesto-fruttarismo-mango-wodzak/


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