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00133 - By Null Null, 17th January, 2021 - Beyond The Max For Amazon’s Overall Rating System While Grading On A Curve

This is truly a hidden gem.
The author’s emotional intelligence (EQ) is also high and this book explains in a pleasant tone while explaining why fruitarianism. I specifically bought it in eBook format because I have some understanding of species… Maybe my EQ is low however this book always reminds me before we were brainwashed by everything around us including professional journals and advanced textbooks. Turning off the lights and reading on reader mode helps. I hope this book gets converted to all homo sapiens written languages especially audiobooks endangered spoken languages to perhaps including some sort of light wave loop that does not harm mother Earth’s ozone layer especially before our species can no longer live on this planet, boarding on spaceships looking for other inhabitable planet, and etc. Our universe is expanding too fast however I still have hope. These living beings can communicate and try to go back if you fail. Create controls so you will prefer organic fruits, is ok if you fail...
Is worth every penny.

00132 - By Rita Lorga Nunes de Sousa, 13th June, 2020 - Beautiful Book.

I have great respect for Mango and for his way of living. His book truly inspires me to eat better (more fruit based) and to be more compassionate towards every living being (animal and plant). I love reading his philosophical views of how the world could be. I love the book, the writing and the humour.
00131 - By Sanbyzhu, 6th June, 2020 - You need to read this book.
You want to be physically and mentally healthy, you need to read this book.
You want to cure the disease, you need to read this book.
You want to improve your energy, you need to read this book.
You want world peace, you want to read this book.
You want the environment to be better, you need to read this book.
The book offers a good solution to this troubled world, It can not only solve the world's problems, You can also solve your own personal problems, Seemingly bold ideas, It is a profound truth, Teach us the truth of the world, Only when we recognize the lies in the world can we recognize the truth. I hope the world we live in is getting better and better and more bright. I recommend you to read this book. I am just an ordinary reader from China and a farmer who likes to eat fruits. I am planning to translate this book. Thank the author. He is a prophet who awakens the world.

00130 - By Amazon Customer, 12th May, 2020 - A nutritionally complete, natural diet without the stress of managing the science behind it!
I like everything about the book.
From a personal standpoint, I 100 percent agree and support Mangos take on Eden Fruitarianism. I especially like how his personal ethics extends beyond just how he eats. He’s a minimalist nomad. His overall lifestyle (actions, not words) reflects his integrity - he’s a leader. He’s not a fruitarian for the trend, or the “hot bod.” In fact, he’s been around since long before Fruitarianism became “cool.” And he’s a legit fruitarian. Eats nothing but fruit - typically mono style. His dietary and general lifestyle is legit. He’s a pioneer, essentially (sorry Dr Douglass Graham). His personal character is one that displays trustworthiness. He’s comes off sincerely honest. It’s his demeanor that gives me faith in his belief about nutrition. He’s not about being popular or convincing people to “buy buy buy.” In fact, his viewpoint on nutrition would essentially be detrimental to capitalism (how is that “profitable?”) His viewpoint on nutrition (and life) reflects legit science, common sense, and ancient wisdom from all over the world (Buddhism, Taoism, Toltecism, etc). This is why I have faith in Mango. He’s seems to be to be 100 percent legit. I feel I can trust his judgment. Plus, he doesn’t declare truth, he only expresses his strong belief in Edenic Fruitarianism, a diet he believes was/is intended for us humans.
If you want a diet that’s simple, complete, convenient, fun, delicious, inexpensive, and so on, Edenic Fruitarianism is it.
The man is also funny. Read some of his poetry :)

00129 - By Forest Otter, 11th January, 2020 - Thank You For Such a Noble Torch to Follow

Mango took the step that a lot of us may be afraid to take. I know I was/am.
There are a lot of books about telling you the “right“ way to eat just fruit, but this book steps past that and speaks from trusting that he is doing the right thing for himself because he couldn’t live with himself if he wasn’t doing it.
It is hard for me to hear that we shouldn’t keep “pets”. Being close to an animal’s routines reminds me that I am one too. But yes, I can still work towards Mango’s lifestyle and way of seeing the world that is gentle with his own body, all animals, trees, bushes, and plants. One day, I hope to be around enough trees and wild animals without having to rescue four footed pals and feel I am able to slow down and stay away from the awful competition and rush of Westerners Overstimulation - a waste of precious life!

Mango’s book is a taste of “a meaningful life” as we slowly clean up the mess which creates such personal stress on the planet for all life! Thank you for such a hopeful torch to hold up for us!

00128 - By Elliot Maynard, 31st December, 2019 - You Have To Read This Book

Superbly written and somehow perfectly universally practical while being unique and creative!

00127 - By Andreea Dogaru, 22nd September, 2019 - Interesting

Interesting vision of life.

00126 - By Megan Conley, 9th May, 2019 - Get This Book

One of the best books I have ever read on this topic!!!!! The whole world needs to read this.

Thank you Mango Wodzak for the time and effort spent creating this. It will change many lives.

00125 - By Barbara Mead, on 16th February, 2018 - mindopening

Just wanted to let you know how thoroughly mindopening I found Destination Eden. I've read many vegan and raw vegan books, but this one is in a class of its own . Thank you sincerely.

00124 - By Svenja, on 27th January, 2019 - Informative, Encouraging, Inspiring and Entertaining

This book is a lot, it is informative, encouraging, inspiring and entertaining. Mango finds words and arguments where I was getting stuck in discussions with others, especially meat eaters. As he stretches throughout the book, he is not talking about a pure diet, he is talking about a philosophy, a lifestyle and for me it is a spiritual path. His explanations encouraged me to keep on walking my path and be less afraid of other people and possible difficulties. I read a few other books around the topics already and even have an educational background with nutrition but nowhere else I learned about other areas of life where my decision to live a non-violent life will have an impact on, e.g. having pets of any kind. He is also not afraid of pointing on issues where it is not possible or nearly impossible to live in accordance with all requirement of Eden Fruitarianism, e.g. because of animal products being used as fertilisers and animals being kills while pruning trees.
As long as there is some openness on your side, I recommend this book to everyone because it can open your eyes to what impact your everyday decisions have and that what we consider normal is actually insane. And still it is so entertaining to read because of Mango's honest, direct and humorous way of writing.
I love his vision of the future, I am grateful that I could read this book and know them out there. And I am hoping for even more inspiring and motivating reads and conversations.

00123 - By Giovanna Martinelli, on 12th December, 2018 - Amo Destinazione Eden

Amo Destinazione Eden - Il Fruttarismo Spiegato.
Grazie Mango!

00122 - By Joshuwa, on 31st October, 2018 - Excelled Expectations

You have a very unique voice mango. destination eden was not at all what i fact it excelled my expectations completely! i love how it unfolded, and every paragraph melted into the next one. much appreciation from one grateful reader here!!!

00121 - By Chayla L., 22nd August, 2018 - Loved how it Flowed.

I plan to follow this lifestyle soon and loved how this book flowed. I found myself picking it up to read it at every free moment. This lifestyle is so energetic, enlightening, healing, and cruelty free. I highly recommend this book for anyone considering veganism, vegan, raw vegan, or on the fruitarian path.

00120 - By Rafael Nazreem, on 12th August, 2018 - Beautiful!

Just finished reading Destination Eden, loved every moment of it, have just placed an order for the guidebook. I'm sure I wont be disappointed!

00119 - By Laetitia H., 14th June, 2018 - An infinite source of inspiration

I'm vegan since 3 years and even if I'm not raw or fruitarian, somehow, life is guided me to Mango's books and even to his place in Australia! I bought this book after seeing a video of Mango on Facebook where he was explaining his beautiful ethical lifestyle as a eden fruitarian in the middle of fruit trees. I was directly hooked, what he was saying intrigued me and appeared to be the truth for me. So I bought Destination Eden and I was not disappointed at all! I love how he writes with humour, and all his arguments are very logical for me. He's really practising love on every level of his life and soul. And even if you don't agree with all of it, it is a great educational book, you're gonna learn so much about how to live up to the most ethical standard. It is not about health, fitness and all those (bullsh*t) fads but about Love, compassion, intuitive eating and animal rights!

Like me, you won't necessarily go fruitarian overnight or at all but you'll certainly be very inspired and you'll feel like the Light hits you hard haha!
Thank you Mango for spreading your beautiful ethical lifestyle, much love to you and to anyone reading my long review :-)

00118 - By Lana Rose, on 25th April, 2018 - Beautiful!

I just placed an order for The Eden Fruitarian Guidebook. I just finished reading Destination Eden and have to say it was beautiful! It really gave me food for thought on so many subjects, and has definitely given me incentive to eat more raw food, and especially fruit! Thank you so much for that!

00117 - By John Douglas Adams, on 27th March, 2018 - Rivetting

Mango, I've just been blown away by reading Destination Eden. Never before have I read a book which has had me so riveted to my chair. I didn't want it to end, which is so rare with me as normally I'm happy to push a book aside. You really opened my eyes to so many issues, and have pointed me in the right direction,

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your insight and wisdom with the world!

00116 - By Sarah Cutting, on 26th March, 2018 - Valuable Wisdom

Both Destination Eden and The Eden Fruitarian Guidebook are writings of profound truth and are must reads for all! They have the power to bring peace, love and joy to the whole planet. As well as the valuable wisdom shared in the books, they were also very enjoyable to read, giving me a good laugh in parts! They also contain what I needed to hear to support my own journey to happiness. I'm now looking forward to reading the Discovering Eden Fruitarianism volumes.

00115 - By BF, on 19th March, 2018 - In a League of its Own

If I was only able to give my children one book to read when they were older, this would be it.

The Ultimate in Human Kindness, Compassion, and Intelligence is Mango Wodzak. His book Destination Eden: Fruitarianism Explained is the most profound book I’ve ever read.

It’s one of those rare books that the only time I wanted to put it down was to ponder what I had just read. A book I didn’t want to end. Mango’s common sense on a wide range of different topics in our world blew me away.

00114 - By Morten Olsen, on 7th March, 2018 - Great Insight

WOW, this book is just amazingly written with so much great insight and information, and funny too!
Very thought-provoking.

00113 - By Arashi Mystry, on 16th February, 2018 - Love, Love Love!

Love, love, love Destination Eden!!

00112 - By Alisa James, on 12th February, 2018 - Astounding Insight

What astounding insight you have Mango! I loved every page of Destination Eden, and have just ordered The Guidebook which I already know will make my heart sing. Thank you for all the time and effort you have put into sharing your profound wisdom!

00111 - By Michael Pettet, on 11th January, 2018 - I Highly Recommend it!

It was the most fascinating book on fruitarianism. I highly recommend it to those who are interested in vegan,  raw,  raw vegan, or fruitarian paths. The future as Mango forsee's it is one of the most original visions I have encountered. A great read.  Spiritual and practical.

00110 - By Jemma Masters, on 24th October, 2017 - Full of Clarity and Insight

Very inspirational book, full of clarity, insight and an abundance of challenges. I wish I'd read this 15 years ago, my life could have been very different!

Mango writes from his heart and has a wonderful sense of humour to lighten the atmosphere. the book is full of great quotes that make it a book you can pick up and read comfortably from any page and still gain insight by doing so.

00109 - By Deepak Supra, on 15th October, 2017 - Not just about Fruit

I've been eating raw vegan since 2008, and Mango has inspired me to go one step further and choose fruit as my main and staple food. His philosophy is packed with what he calls uncommon sense and this is surely true. Here in rural India there are certain times of the year when living on fruit is very easy!

But please don't fall into the trap of thinking this book is solely about fruit, his philosophy goes so much further and it would benefit the world and everyone living in it for everyone to read and try and understand the aim and direction of Mango's vision.

00108 - By Markus Ziman, on 8th October, 2017 - Piece of Art

Mango Wodzak's book is a rarity, just like Mango himself, an earthling gem that seems to have come from another dimension.
It's like an acid trip, an expanding tool to enrich your brain and your soul.
I never read an entire book in my life, and this one was my first.
The following ones will be his other two books.
The reason I was never able to entirely read a book, is because I got bored.
There were passages I didn't understand, things I didn't agree with, and many things that could have been explained in a more effective and pleasant way.
Not only I read the whole book, but several times, and I'm sure I'll l read it again.
It's like listening to a an excellent record, the music will be the same, but it will make you experience all those magic feelings that can't be bought and cannot be experienced otherwise.
This book is a piece of art that entertains you and educates you.
It will stand to the end of time.
It's a book for our present to preserve our future.
It's about ethics, compassion, health and nature.
From my view point it's not just a book about a certain kind of philosophy that you may or may not like, because that philosophy is based on facts.
Therefore it's difficult to label it.
It also shows you how to live in a sustainable and cruelty free way.
This out of sight book, is full with excellent quotes, many from Mango, like this one on the disclaimer page:
"Who you are and what you experience is based upon the choices you make. It's not your parents, your past relationships, your job, the economy, the book you read, what someone said, the weather, an argument, nor your age, that are to blame (or credit!). You, and only you, are responsible for every decision and choice you make. Period."

00107 - By Mitchel J. Haas, 29th July, 2017 - A real eye-opener, delivered with empathy and compassion.

I've been a vegetarian for the last 40 years, vegan for 8 years, and finally fruitarian for the last 3 years. I was still surprised to learn a lot from this book. My reasons, like Mango's are ethical, and also environmental. The book pointed out a lot of areas where I was still disillusioned, regarding pets, cooked food, and more. A good book to get you motivated, or stay motivated, to stay on the path to the ultimate lifestyle. Not everyone can achieve it, but it's always good to strive for and towards.

00106 - By Yana Krakin, 16th June 2017 - Great Book

It's a pretty interesting book, although I don't agree with the author by calling this book Destination Eden. As he explains in the book the reason he called it that way is because he believes in fruitarianism practiced by Adam and Eve, however, he refuses to eat greens, seeds and coconuts. According to the bible, Adam and Eve DID eat all kinds of greens and seeds as well as fruits. I am convinced that people should eat greens and herbs along with fruits. The book should be named differently in my opinion.
Otherwise, I learned a lot from this book, I think it was definitely worth buying but as with every book I filter all the info in it. I am planing to buy other books from Mango.

00105 - By Ken Legg, 12th June, 2017 - A Great Message shared with Compassion and Experience.

Great book about fruitarianism. Mango walks his talk having personally experienced being a fruitarian for many years. He writes with a lot of passion, compassion & experience. His message clearly conveyed whilst his writing style is interesting, light & easy reading. He has an uncomplicated message to share & this book will influence a lot of people over time, is a worthy read for anybody interested in veganism & fruitarianism & who cares for the creatures on the planet & for the environment. I can readily recommend it.

00104 - By Jasmin Martin, 23rd May, 2017 - Worth Reading

This is a book about philosophy, not about fruitarianism. I have experimented with this diet, and so I understand the philosophy, so I think reading it was the wrong choice for me. The author states he is not a trained nutritionist and doesn't care about scientific details, which I can sympathise with. I think its worth reading if you want to learn about the principles and values behind being fruitarian. If you're looking for a how to manual, then this isn't it.

00103 - By David, 12th March, 2017 - Unique Literature

I for a long time when very young envisioned just eating fruit for food. Then the selfish world gobbled me up, and I lost my way. In my adult years through suffereing health problems, I remembered my youth and sort it out again. Your book was the only literature I could find on this unique way of living.
Thank you so much for your efforts in reaching out to reawaken the rest of us on this shadowed planet.

Kindest Wishes,

00102 - By David, 12th March 2017 - The Biggest most Amazing Download of Knowledge

This Book is Supreme. This is not hero worship either. This Author speaks from the heart, daring to address more issues of the world than I could dare to think of. It is in your face. No political correctness here. In plain english Mango addresses the one and only correct path to perfection when it comes to a peaceful coexisting way of life, and the only true karmically-free, correct way to eat. Such a way of life brings on healing for our body, mind and spirit for everyone, including thoses with stuborn health issues that no other diet tried, seems to bring relief from. I speak of those whose many efforts at different lifestyles have not worked for them, and those poor souls who are accussed of not trying hard and long enough at each of those programs. Those that are left on the sidewalk to waste away as unhelpable misfits. I know this to be true, because I suffered from health problems (some extreme) that could not be solved by other strictly followed, long-term diet plans. I tried lots, from paleolithic, to high fat, to omnivore, to vegetarian, to vegan, to raw vegan, to high in seeds and nuts and oils, to Mc Douhgall, and to Robert Morse. All seemed to leed towards an all-fruit lifestyle. Mango's book was the only literature I could find on the topic. I went ahead and bought it. From the first chapter, until the last I was engrossed by the most massive information download I have ever had, about some of many topics I had never even thought about. However, a lot of his book rang true to my own beliefs I had when I was a child, about Eden and an all-fruit lifestyle. That was drowned out as I grew up, and a yearning back to that way of thinking, only came about through the painful years of growing up with an ever increasing number of health problems, and spirtual mis-guidance. So I read on, through his book. His journey sounded just like mine, almost as if I were reading my own biography. It was quite surreal.

Anyway, I have applied his guidance of an all-fruit lifestyle and no chemical applications, for months at a time. Through doing this, relief from my health problems was finally brought about. Anything I say will not convey how happy I was to escape the clutches of ill health and even some addictions. Suffice it to say, his methodology was the only path that finally worked for me.
I now find that when I stray from this path, only a few symptons start to creep back in. I now know exactly why this happens. This book has the answers. If you want an amazing, spirit-opening journey to embark on in this life, I feel it would be an incredible waste to skip over this book.

If you want the peak of the mountain of knowledge for mind, body and spirit, buy it. If you are a lover of truth, no matter where that truth leads you, even at first, if you don't like it, buy this book. If you are a true lover of truth, this book will transform you, and the world will fall in suit as the positive changes you make to your own life reverberate to those around you.
When I was an omnivore, I looked 15 years older than what I was. When I went to veganism I looked about 5 years younger than what I was. When I went to mostly all fruit 80+% with long intermittent periods of all-fruit living, I now look 15 years younger than what I am......

Don't believe me? Do it for yourself. I love it now when I meet new people at work who complain to me about getting colds too often, back problems, digestive problems, being too fat, tiredness, etc. Those who listen to my excitedly expressed self testimony, try the lifestyle out for a few days to a week. They get back to me in e-mails telling me how their problems were massively reduced, some completely cured. Then unfortunately, because of their habbits and lifestyle revert back to their old ways. I like to think though, I have left an impact on them and with time, as they age and suffer more, they will remember the key to reducing their pain and maybe even change their lifestyle for good. Just spreading that light as much as I can to help the world towards Eden, just that little bit more, is the best I can do. I never have written a review for public consumption when it comes to this sort of thing. The only reason I am doing it this time, is because it was the only lifestlye that fixed me. I threw out all my other (now considered) crappy health books. Mangos book, along with an undergrad book on A&P is now, the only two books on my bookshelve. So much less to read, and yet so much more knowledge than all the other mis-fit health books combined.
Some have critiszised Mango's style of writing. Trust me, if you need desperate real help, and truth that will rattle your cage like never before, you won't care how he writes. Only a casual reveiwer would. Myself personally, I think his style of writing is awesome, unique, daring and in your face. But if you do not want the hard facts, then you need to run to find something that will just tiggle your ears and have a feeeeeel good factor, with lots of self-convinced compromises to harming other life.
Best wishes on your journey.

00101 - By Laetitia H., 30th January 2017 - Highly Recommended!

The most inspirational book I've read in a long time! A must read for everyone, really! It is not about diet but about how to live the most ethical and compassionate way of life! Highly recommended!

00100 - By Nigel, 22nd January, 2017 - Unique Perspective

Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for your book which I found via "Vegan Publishers", really enjoyed reading it - a unique perspective!

00099 - By SS, 18th January 2017 - Very Good Book!

Very good book. It has a style completely different from Robert Morse or Douglas Graham . It is in connection with the earth and everything that surrounds us. Your perception will change after you read it.

00098 - By Kate B., 31st December, 2016 - Couldn't Put it Down

Mango! mum bought me "Destination Eden" as a christmas present and I just finished reading it! I couldn't put it down, loved every word, laughed and cried tears of joy and sorrow.Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing this beautiful vision with us all, I will recommend this book to everyone, and can't wait to read The Guidebook!!!!!!!!!

00097 - By Peachy, 31st December, 2016 - A must read for all those who care about the world.

Mango Wodzak makes an intelligent, passionate and very well written case for fruitarianism. This book should be made part of the curriculum in school. It teaches why it is important to live on fruit only and how this has the potential to make this planet into Eden. It also gives tips on how to change to a fruit based diet.
If you are interested in taking veganism further, or just another point of view, than this is the book for you. I could not put it down until the last page. A great read!

00096 - By Maurice Ottey, 31st December, 2016 - A Fresher Viewpoint [as 95 but he edited original]

I needed information that would allow and encourage me to think and move away from what everyone is doing This book was one wayshower. I've been in 'this movement' since 1970 and I prefer to not be involved in seminars, certifications, politics, 'what I ate today' or photos of recipes that mimic.

00095 - By Maurice Ottey, 31st December, 2016 - Life Changing Lecture

Mango is a visionary and the greatest utopist I know so far. I cried tears of joy many times while reading his positive and idealistic approach of our world. This book transformed me for the better.
The Eden fruitarian lifestyle has a tremendous potential for turning this world into the paradise we all dream of, and yet the logic behind it is so simple. I am grateful to you Mango for having the courage to write this book.
Much love to you!

00094 - By Maurice Ottey, 27th December, 2016 - No Fluff, No B.S.

I am now reading Destination Eden. No fluff, no sales b.s., same with your movie. You and Kveta make a truly wonderful team. Happy to have 'met' you both!!

00093 - By Maurice Ottey, 27th December, 2016 - No Fluff, No B.S.

I am now reading Destination Eden. No fluff, no sales b.s., same with your movie. You and Kveta make a truly wonderful team. Happy to have 'met' you both!!

00092 - By Duryan A LaTienda, 25th December, 2016 - Excellent Description of True Fruitarianism

This book has changed my view on fruitarianism, and has simplified my approach very much. Many food conscious and natural living folks i know get caught up in marketing hype, as well as overly scientific explanations that are not necessary for the lay person to understand. Mango does a great job of laying out a curriculum for living fruitarian. He also lays out a rather desirable, but very lofty and utopian idea on how the world should be, or could be. Im in agreement though, and highly recommend this book.

00091 - By Daniel Winsor, 2nd December, 2016 - An Amazing Insight

This book has so much to give.
It gave me an intimate insight into a truly special mind.
It shared with me a vision for the future of our planet and all earthlings.
It gave me laughs, realizations, warmth on the soul, and most of all faith in myself and my fellow humans to move collectively towards a better world and a higher state of consciousness.
You will not find this book 100 percent agreeable, I certainly didn't. It will challenge many things you hold firm and dear to you. But if approached with an open mind, you will pick up many golden nuggets of wisdom and knowledge.
Mango is a truly special man with a huge heart and many things in this book he gives freely from his own experience and I would like to thank him for sharing his journey. Highly recommend for each and every person who believes there must be a better way

00090 - By Drana Patel, 12th November, 2016 - Loved your Book

simply loved your book, just discovered you have a second one, which I will be order soon.

00089 - By Yuri Richter, 9th November, 2016 - Love you Man..

I read your first book in 2013. I loved every word, recently, my best friend bought the second edition, which I was looking through just yesterday. I was disappointed to see you have removed all of your beautiful quotes and wondering what other differences there was between the 2 editions. that's when I came to your website, and I've just been reading it.I see now removal of the quotes wasn't your idea, I'm glad I read the first version before it got censored! love you man..

00088 - By Wesley Coles, 8th November, 2016 - 21st Century Arnold Ehret

This book blew my mind. I don't think there are any other books on veganism, raw food and fruitarianism that are quite like this one, it's unique in that it goes further than any other book on these subjects.

Mango is clearly the Arnold Ehret of the 21st century, and I'd recommend his work to everyone seriously interested in health, spirituality and compassion and care for all life on earth.

00087 - By Drechsel Olivier, 3rd November, 2016 - Life Changing Lecture

Mango is a visionary and the greatest utopist I know so far. I cried tears of joy many times while reading his positive and idealistic approach of our world. This book transformed me for the better.
The Eden fruitarian lifestyle has a tremendous potential for turning this world into the paradise we all dream of, and yet the logic behind it is so simple. I am grateful to you Mango for having the courage to write this book.
Much love to you!

00086 - By Amazon Customer, 25th October, 2016 - The Best Book on Fruitarianism

This is by far the best book on the fruitarian diet. It is incredibly educational, beautifully write, inspirational and mind blowing. Every sentence I read made a ton of sense and gave me the courage to move forward with my fruitarian diet and continue to strive towards a perfectly ethical lifestyle. This book is literary one of its kind.

00085 - By Kelly McGuire, 20th October, 2016 - Tears of Joy

At times this book was difficult reading for me, but at other times I cried tears of Joy. I absolutely love the vision shared within this book, and the author will never know how much he has been an inspiration to me, I pray with all my heart to one day follow the Eden Fruitarian path.

00084 - By Caroline McDonald, 18th October, 2016 - Best Book

This is one of the best books I have ever read. Thank you Mango for writing such a great book. It has changed my life. Looking so forward to reading your next book.

00083 - By Alisha York, 11th October, 2016 - Waking me Up

I have been suffering from depression and treating my body very badly in terms of food. Lots of junk fast foods/takaways etc.

My best friend recently lent me Destination Eden, and it is really waking me up. I thank you for writing this masterpiece.

00082 - By Slim Jim, 1st October, 2016 - MUST READ

destination eden is a MUST READ book. Found certain chapters very challenging, but overall, very impressed.

00081 - By Emil Crudist, 26th September, 2016 - 5 Gold Stars!

YES! LOVED DESTINATION EDEN! I give it 5 gold stars!

00080 - By Leilei Tian, 12th September, 2016 - Five Stars!

Wonderful book, well written with sincerity and sound conviction, simple and clear to read and very inspiring.

00079 - By Hans, 24th August, 2016 - Recommending

Just finished reading Destination Eden! I absolutely loved it. Best book I have red so far on raw/fruit. I will be recommending it to all my friends, any chance there will be a dutch version as some of my friends don't speak that well English?

00078 - By Sue Godden, 24th May, 2016 - A Vision Too Far

I had high hopes for this book but gave up halfway through. In a future world animals such as dogs cats etc will be extinct because we'll have no need to exploit them for companions? A vision too far in my view. Sorry, this book was not for me.

[NOTE From Mango:  - Sue has sadly misunderstood the vision outlined in the book, I simply dream of a wolrd where all adult individuals, regardless of species have gained their independance and are no longer bought, sold, given away or swapped as possessions. - While animals are in our possession and not given complete autonomy to come and go as they please, there will always be clear moral compromises which we will be forced to make. The book explains these in more detail, whilst also being sympathitec to the very real life situations and dependencies people currently find themselves in and having. [I am unsure why she feels it is acceptable to exploit anyone for companionship.]

00077 - By Amazon Customer, 31st March, 2016 - Excellent Reading!

It is an excellent reading. It points out right to the truth of the matter about us human beings. Disturbing at times but in a very positive way; pointing us to the discovery that we actually do not have to 'do' but rather stop to do the things we ware programed to do and be. Once we break our old habits the way to better living becomes so much clearer and simpler. I recommend it to anyone. I am also reading Mango's new book 'The Eden Fruitarian Guidebook'. Mango, thanks for writing this book.

00076 - By P.M., 21st March, 2016 - This is truely a Fantastic Book

This is truly a fantastic book. I have been following Mango for years via his blog , and I must say that he is the oldest pioneer in the fruitarian community that I know. The book explains all the basics as well as more advanced subjects suggesting the tools, facts, ideas in order to change radically our current dark age world . I am not going to elaborate too much as I want to give the buyer the opportunity to find out for himself , but I must say that this book has changed me profoundly .

00075 - By P.M., 17th March, 2016 - Highly Recommended and Very Well Written

An Amazing book . I recommend this book for anybody who starts a Fruitarian diet and as well as to the vegan community . Mango explains some very important concepts that are crucial for the future of humanity .

00074 - By Amazon Customer, 27th February, 2016 - Highly Recommended and Very Well Written

This is a really good book. Highly recommended and EYE OPENING. I like Mango's sense of humour too.
If every person in the world read this book and put into place what Mango talks about, the global result would be astounding.

00073 - By Kindle Customer, 18th February, 2016 - Just What I Needed!

This book came at a good time in my life, opening my eyes to the unbeatable nutrition contained within raw food, specifically fruit. Although I'm not planning on becoming fully fruitarian, I am taking steps in that direction. This book describes the practices of fruitarians, but goes into much more than that. Very interesting and easy read. The author writes very well, and in a way that makes the book flow very nicely.

00072 - By Nik M., 13th February 2016 - Can you Handle the Truth?

Some books are meant to help mankind. This is one of them. Thanks.

00071 - By Alan W., 13th February, 2016 - Absolutely Enchanting.

This is one of those life changing books that you'll be wanting to read and reread, and share joyously with the world. I know that I'll definitely be buying more copies to give as presents to family and friends!

00070 - By Cara B, 13th February, 2016 - Five Stars!

Absolutely loved it!! Highly recommend this book

00069 - By Elena Grassi, 9th February, 2016 - Thought Provoking and Heartfelt

This very extra-ordinary book highlights the craziness of the human lifestyle in modern societies, especially around food, but not exclusively. It surely will stimulate most readers to look more deeply into their own contradictions and to think twice about things they have given for granted until the day before. It also shares a very revolutionary vision of Eden that will sound unbelievable to many but which I totally endorse and which pushes the reader to explore new paradigms, which probably that best characteristic of the book. One good feeling about the book, also, is that the author is not speaking out of ideology or theories but has experienced and deeply thought through every single subject in the book and simply honestly sharing his conclusions and urging the readers to search for their own.

00068 - By Cassidy Barbeau, 6th February, 2016 - Open Our Eyes!

What affirming and mindfulness this brilliant book offers.... How we eat is only one aspect of life and from this book we examine the true meaning our circles of compassion.

00067 - By Catherine, 3rd February, 2016 - Four Stars

Fascinating read for anyone interested in a healthy lifestyle.

00066 - By Lissa, 3rd February, 2016 - I Really Love this Book

After 13 years, Mango has published his book "Destination Eden"!
I have to say "finally" as it is really very different to everything else I've read so far on the subject. Firstly, it's not really about food, but about many other things, from being barefoot, to politics. I was fascinated by it, and much of it really made me stop and think. Mango's a real free spirit. I can't follow his every step, but there is no obligation to either.

Whoever wants to broaden their horizon, and see things in a fully new light, his book can be ordered as either a paperback, e-book or as PDF via

00065 - By Nicholas Perry, 3rd February, 2016 - A Unique Read

Mango is insightful about the fruitarian diet. His journey is unique and his advice is simple. He also writes with a good sense of humor, which makes this a pleasant read.

00064 - By Michael Lanfield, 2nd February, 2016 - A Truely Spiritual/Ethical Book For Everyone

Destination Eden is clearly one of the true spiritual-ethical books everyone needs to read in order to awaken and understand what our true biological diet and lifestyle needs are. If we are to survive as a species and co-exist with other beings, we need to understand that "Eden Fruitarianism", as Mango Wodzak coined, is what we need to embrace in our lives if we want to create a world of peace and love. No longer can we argue against the fact, that eating food from the Garden of Eden is what our bodies' are biologically designed for. A highly recommended book for everyone.

00063 - By Daphne Fleurant Fortin, 2nd February, 2016 - Great Book, Very Well Written

Great book, very well written. A must read for anyone who has an interest in raw veganism or better, fruitarianism. A mix of Mango's personal toughts on fruitarianism, jokes, personal experiences and inspiring quotations.

00062 - By Samantha Riggi, 2nd February, 2016 - A Unique Perspective and Worth the Read

This book offers a unique perspective on the moral implications behind food choices. As a vegan, I thought that my choices were as ethical as possible, but Destination Eden showed me an angle I hadn’t previously thought of. The idea behind Eden Fruitarianism is not only fascinating and thought provoking, but has already changed the way I look at certain staples that had been in my diet for years. This book is definitely worth the read.

00061 - By Brittany M. Morgan, 2nd February, 2016 - Read and Soon!

Fellow destination eden readers and seekers, Mango's clever whit and clarity makes this book quite enjoyable and although much devastation in life is caused by humans there is a beautiful vision being shared that is wise, kind, and altogether a healthier way to co-habitat on earth. the feelings of a sensitive knowledgeable soul are expressed thoroughly as the author celebrates others joining him on a path away from cruelty and ignorance to embrace awareness and foresight in daily actions. Bravo! I have begun Mango's follow up book "The Eden Fruitarianism Guidebook" and the book is just as clever and informative; his words go even further in sharing how important human choices are as his words are working helpers to end cognitive dissonance. wishes for abundant health and beauty on earth, Briee.

00060 - By Julie L, 2nd February, 2016 - Solid Information Guide

While fruitarianism isn't my thing, I've been wanting to read more about it since so many fellow vegans explore this lifestyle. I found this guide to be well written and informative. It's definitely going to be useful if I need to recommend reading materials to someone or if I choose to do a fruit fast in the future!

00059 - By Michael Slusher, 2nd February, 2016 - A Great Motivator

This book is a great tool in the admirable goal to shed much of the industrialization of our lifestyle and our food. Written in an engaging and very personalized manner, by the time you finish the book, you will come to enjoy this author as a friend.

00058 - By Kara M. Schunk, 2nd February, 2016 - A Mind-Blowing Read

This is an incredibly insightful and unique book. Many are quick to judge the concept of fruitarianism, but this book approaches it in a very logical and inspiring way that will challenge what you think you know.

00057 - By ESA, 2nd February, 2016 - I really Enjoyed the Topic and Writing Style

This book is so well written. I really enjoyed the topic and the writing style.

00056 - By Jonathon L.Byrd, 2nd February, 2016 - Guidebook for Living a Simple Life

More than just an in-depth look at the benefits of fruitarianism. Mango Wodzak provides insight into many aspects of living a simple life, in accordance with nature. Anyone seeking knowledge on improving their diet and lifestyle will find a ton useful information in this book.

00055 - By Humanoid, 1st February, 2016 - Very well-written and important read

Very well-written and important read on a complex and often misunderstood topic. Still not sold on the idea that people should eat *exclusively* fruit, but I do think its significance has been downplayed and that its availability/accessibility needs to be increased. I especially appreciated, as a vegan, that this author spoke to the fact that veganism is NOT a diet-- it is a philosophy that encompasses many, many essential lifestyle changes and, more importantly than any of these, a radical shift in perspective on how we relate to nonhuman animals.

00054 - By Michael Lanfield, 20th October, 2015 - True Spiritual Ethical Book

Destination Eden is clearly one of the true spiritual-ethical books everyone needs to read in order to awaken and understand what our true biological diet and lifestyle needs are. If we are to survive as a species and co-exist with other beings, we need to understand that "Eden Fruitarian", as Mango Wodzak coined, is what we need to embrace in our lives if we want to create a world of peace and love. No longer can we argue against the fact, that eating food from the Garden of Eden is what our bodies' are biologically designed for. A highly recommended book for everyone.

00053 - By Kerryn Gutmanis, 18th March, 2015 - Highly Recommend

This book is amazing. Mango's thoughts are provocative and extreme. He is respectful in his tone, yet does not mince words. Do not expect a step by step how-to booklet on becoming a fruitarian. The reader is encouraged to change his or her thinking, their view of the 'topsy-turvey' world we live in, and apply the new ideas to their everyday life at the rate the reader feels ready.
I highly recommend this book. I am coming to the end of my fifth reading of it.

00052 - By Ozzie Warrington, 19th September, 2014 - Awesome Read

Awesome book! Read it twice now, cannot wait for the next one!

00051 - By Annie Rivers, 25th August, 2014 - Making me Think

I found your book incredibly challenging but difficult to fault, even your views on pet keeping were especially hard for me as I have 3 dogs and a cat. I cried out no no no! but I have to admit there is as you say an uncommon sense to your opinion, that is really making me think. thanks for sharing your wisdom and insight!

00050 - By Gary Blingblang, 8th August, 2014 - Happy Reading

I was very happy reading your book and the humour within.

00049 - By Tree Clark, 8th August, 2014 - Fantastic Read

My friend just read it and she is paleo and she was very hesitant and sarcastic at the beginning but she read it all and was impressed. So yeh that was a shock to me she was so responsive. Its a great book :))

00048 - By Edward Beck, 8th August, 2014 - Loved the Book

I loved this book. A very good read.

00047 - By Lisa Meier, 27th July, 2014 - Must Read for Everyone

I am almost done reading this book. I have never in my life read a book that put all my thoughts and feelings down in writing. It's almost shocking and a blessing to know there is another human out there that feels this way. Thank you Mango. This is now my bible. I now don't feel so isolated and alone in this world, and possibly I don't have to make such an effort to hide my thoughts as so to have people think I'm crazy. This is a must read for everybody. I am honored to be an Eden Fruitarian. Waiting on your next book. Thank you for being such a kind and gentle creature Mango.

00046 - By Audrey Driver, 31st May, 2014 - Excellent

I just finished your book--it was excellent; thank you, so very much.

00045- By Mal, 30th May, 2014 - A Message the World Needs to Hear

Mango, I first discovered your book at a local market earlier this year. I picked it up and flicked through it, but didn't buy it.. Then some weeks ago, I came across it again, and decided it was obviously something I needed to read and I am so glad I did. I absolutely loved it!! It answered so many questions for me, and opened my eyes to so many things on so many levels. I agree with other reviews I've seen of your book, this is the best one I have ever read, and I know I will keep coming back to it and rereading it. Thank you so much for writing this and I hope you write more because I think your message is unique and concise and one the world needs to hear. Thankyou thankyou. the best $28 I ever spent!!

00044 - By Ozzie Warrington, 29th May, 2014 - Bravo!

Just finished your book and I have to say bravo!! I loved it greatly and your views on some things just opened my eyes further. A truly eye opening book! Everyone should have a copy!

in daily life.

00043 - By Medjool, 24th May, 2014 - Well Done

Oh Mango!
I finally got the courage to purchase the book. After reading 3/4 through I suffered from a major bout of overwhelm. It lasted a full weekend and hit me so hard I wondered whether I would ever pick up your book again. I spent time in my garden totally avoiding the issues that raced through my overactive mind. But by Monday evening I felt a surge of peace - with my failures, my wasted years, my situation. So I finished your book. And I now thank you. It rates with only two other books that have shaped, challenged and pushed me to new heights. Congratulations and well done.

00042 - By Paulina Longan, 19th May, 2014 - Huge Inspiration

First of all I want to say that youre a huge inspiration to me. I came across your blog in 2009 and my heart knew you were speaking the truth right away. But kept finding reasons why fruitarianism wasnt for me... I believed that you lost your teeth because of fruit among other things (which obviously isnt the case!) Then came across 801010 which was slightly less of an "extreme" and with all the science backing it up I decided to go from cooked vegan to raw. But eating greens never felt right to me and I had this battle in my head between ethical fruitarianism (heart) and 801010 (mind). Last summer I decided not to follow any guidelines except my own heart and intuition. And I havent had any veggies since. Read your book a couple of weeks after it was released and I agree with virtually everything (still find it hard to accept what you say about pets since I have a dog, wont get any other pets in the future though). Ethical fruitarianism/Eden fruitarianism pretty much sums up my life philosophy and what Im striving for in daily life.

00041 - By Glen Adams, 30th April, 2014 - Very Enlightening.

This book is truth. Every page. Very enlightening, will get more copies to give as presents, everyone should read it!

00040 - By Mat Stevenson, 10th April, 2014 - Guiding LIght
Mango, what a brilliant idea for a TV series, I would definitely watch that one! Loved the rest of the book too. I feel I am only just getting started and your book is a guiding light for me. Thanks

00039 - By Charles Garcia, 25th March, 2014 - Simply Loved It.

Simply loved Destination Eden. I keep it next to the toilet, and open it up at random to get words of wisdom and encouragement. Can't wait for your promised autobiography - Hurry up with that!

00038 - By Fruity Ronster, 20th March, 2014 - !

00037 - By Nicole Edmonds-Lyles, 18th March, 2014 - Fantastic Read

If you're interested in fruitarianism, Destination Eden - Fruitarianism Explained is a fantastic read and I highly recommend it.

00036 - By Tim Beek, 12th March, 2014 - Recommend it!

I bought it, and love it! will keep going back to read it. I'd recommend it for everyone.

00035 - By Venise McVegan, 9th March, 2014 - Very Grateful

I've read your book. It is a great read! I am 99% fruitarian now and words cannot explain just how good I am feeling. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The best thing I have ever done and your book had a lot to do with me doing this, so I am very grateful.

00034 - By Kari Cortez, 23rd February, 2014 - Eye-Opener

A friend of mine lent me this book, I had no real expectations, and to be honest didn't believe I would enjoy reading it, but somehow I got sucked in to it, and each page was an eyeopener for me. It covers more than most books I have read about ethics and lifestyle, and really requires an open mind to follow through to the conclusion it leads to. I am still digesting it, but positively one of the best books I have ever read, and I am so grateful to Jan for sharing it with me... Now to make a nice fruit smoothy!

00033 - By Al Beret, 9th February, 2014 - Loved It.

Simply loved this book. So much so that I am reading it again from the beginning. Want to make sure I didn't miss anything!

00032 - By Nick Brewster, 3rd February, 2014 - Loved It.

Loved your book Mango! Read it from cover to cover. Twice. I think I've read every page of you blog too, and loved that, which is why I got your book. Thank you for all the knowledge you've shared with us, and please please keep writing!

00031 - By Wanda Embar, January, 2014 - Food for Thought

Destination Eden was written by my fruitarian friend Mango and explains his Eden Fruitarianism lifestyle.
He created the term "Eden Fruitarianism" to distinguish his lifestyle from the different definitions of fruitarian that currently exist. This book does not provide any scientific evidence or nutritional data to back up his belief that fruit is the best food for our bodies and he explains why he doesn't believe in doing so. What this book does provide is lots of food for thought. Mango bases his beliefs on compassion and shares his thoughts about fruitarianism, animal farming, monocrops, the pet industry, country borders, footwear, our voting system and much, much more. He also interspersed his book with many great quotes. Vegans are often asked "what about plants, don't they feel pain". If nothing else, this book definitely provides "the solution to the screaming carrot dilemma". If you consider yourself to be an open-minded person, who enjoys being challenged by new ideas, then this book is a really good read. It might even inspire you to make some changes to your current lifestyle.

00030 - By Oliver Laflame, 20th January, 2014 - Great Purchase

I started reading it and so far its everything I was hoping for even better. This was definitely a great purchase and I highly recommend EVERYONE to give it a try... when I read it I get the goosebumps as if this was the word of an alien creator (god)... btw sorry If i sound weird I believe in extraterrestrials and that we are some form of project... I will read some more now of your book Your book makes A LOT of sense.

00029 - By Lindsay Culclasure, 17th January, 2014 - Great Vegan Treatise

Just finished reading Mangodurian's new book, "Destination Eden." It's a great vegan treatise full of Mango's wonderful sense of humor. I especially loved the cartoons!
I can honestly say that I really enjoyed it. Although I don't agree with all of Mango's logic, he is a witty writer and it's a good read.

00028 - By Pedallin Raw, 16th January, 2014 - !

00027 - By Prem Das, 15th January, 2014 - Didn't Like It.

Mango, I didn't like your book. I just didn't like it.

00026 - By Ornge Ornge Juice, 5th&9th January, 2014 - Will go Down in History

I am almost finished with mango's book and I must say this is one of the best books I have ever read, the information in there could change everyone's lives for the better..

I just finished reading Mangodurian Elfrugivoro book "Destination Eden". I believe this book will go down as history along with anne Osborne's book as one of the first true books that describes the optimal diet for man, our original diet, how to achieve optimal health through nutrition, optimal beauty, etc. I must say that of all the raw vegan books out there such as 80/10/10, etc. I have never read a book that actually gets this close to the discussion of Eden Fruitarianism as Mango describes it. If you want to achieve the best health you can, and look the youngest you can for your age, and never have stress or always love, then you must read this book!! 

00025 - By RawGosia, December, 2013 - Welcome L:ibrary Addition.

Mango is a modern day fruitarian philosopher who lives a life that defies many conventions, yet arguably is the most natural way of being. Mango and his partner Kveta, both long term fruitarians, enjoy simple, rural life and local tropical fruit from the markets or their own garden. I met Kveta online several years ago, when my interest in fruitarianism was just a little spark, as a member of a forum she created. I feel a special connection with Kveta and Mango. Mango’s book is a long awaited and welcome addition to my library, which I am still reading. It covers many compelling topics and keeps me interested. I like to keep it handy and grab it whenever I feel the need for some uncommon sense and philosophy. This is a unique book that offers a vision to the world that needs it desperately. I feel lucky to read this book during these times of change, right when the new history is being created.

00024 - By Mr. Zed, 27th December, 2013 - Amazing Book.

An amazing book written by an amazing man. I don't know why Mango isn't recognized for the greatness he has achieved and why there aren't thousands of people following his every suggestion. While I don't agree with every single thing in it, for example I think aggression can be natural and natural is always good and there's never a problem with something natural, a wonderful and inspiring and wise and genuinely educational (in the original sense of the word) book.

00023 - By ThatOneGuyOnline, 18th December, 2013 - !

00022 - By Persy, 16th December, 2013 - Goosebumps

regarding your proposed plot for a movie about world wide human awakening, unplugging out of the matrix if you will, i think it would be a fantastic movie--what a wonderful plot you thought up, gave me goosebumps reading it.

00021 - By Julie Harrison, 16th December, 2013 - Truly Inspiring
Great book! Took me 3 days to read it, I just couldn't put it down! Truly inspiring, and loved the little boxes with the great quotes and humor!

00020 - By Christina Harris, 8th December, 2013 - Enjoyable Read

I didn't agree with everything in the book but it was still an enjoyable read. I especially liked all the quotes, jokes, cartoons scattered throughout the book.

00019 - By Durianrider, 7th December, 2013 - Really Enjoyed Reading It.

Just finished reading Mango's book. It's got some excellent quotes in it and really enjoyed reading it. Obviously I don't agree with mango on everything.. calories and that.. But then I don't think I agree with anyone on everything.

00018 - By Mike Carpenter, 2nd December, 2013 - "Must Read".

Absolutely loved this book! I love the simplicity of it, and fully believe the crux of it that it's love that truly makes the world go around. Many of mango's shared thoughts here are new to me, the plant perception, the benefits barefoot, and balance of nature.. truly eye opening. A definite "must read", serious and at the same time humorous. My fingers are still tingling from reading the pages too! Thanks mango! 

00017 - By Julie Suiter, 28th November, 2013 - Mind-Blowing

I must tell you that I enjoyed your book SO MUCH.  I intend to reread it soon.  I am in agreement with most everything you say . . . and I applaud you for sharing your vision with the world.  Your book is a beautiful expression of your intelligence and your awareness.  I'm sure it would be mind-blowing to most.  It is frustrating to feel that you are one drop of water in an ocean of craziness.  So it certainly helps me personally to read such sane and uplifting ideals. I am ready to move to the tropics and get rid of my shoes!  Thank you for putting yourself out there.  It's not so easy or wonderful in this age of judgement and criticism.  One must be brave.

00016 - By Mark Laasko, 22nd November, 2013 - Masterpiece!

What an eye opener your book has been! I just finished reading it, and was most impressed. It made me think about so many things I'd never before thought of. Especially loved your "Vision" section. It all feels so "right". This book is a masterpiece!

00015 - By Gabriel Beauchemin, 21st November, 2013 - Really Great Book.

Really great book. I really appreciate it, it brings me more than I could ever think! I love the way it's made (with sticky notes), the simplicity and modesty of your writing.

I say Buy it if you want a vision that can change the world. Buy it if you want a new moral that can change your own person. Buy it if you want a transformation. The transformation come from your inside, but inspiration can help. This book is inspiration.

Finally I want to say that I've been inspired with some of your ideas that I never heard before like: you green team on biggest loosers (haha , youre right!), if the humans become a moral species we could inspire carnivore animal the change, the calendar so much simpler, or how if the axis of our planet became more neutral there would be less changes in the season.

00014 - By Stanko Lee Lewis, 17th November, 2013 - Important Book

Mango i am nearly through. what a read.
your book has been one of the most important books in my life. thank you.

00013 - By Werner, 15th November, 2013 - Can't Fault It.

Mango I have read most of your book and am reluctant to say I agree with most of it, and can't really fault it. However, the truths you tell are not easy for me to swallow.

00012 - By Venise McLachlan, 12th November, 2013 - Loved It!

Hi Mango, just wanted to tell you I have read the ebook and loved it! You have inspired me so much to be a total fruitarian. I adore fruit and so many benefits to being this way, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Also I watched the documentary Pure Fruit and I was really touched by it. You are both such wonderful people. I enjoyed it so much. Thank you! xx

00011 - By Michael Lanfield, 2nd November, 2013 - Destination Eden is Soooo Good!

"Destination Eden is clearly one of the true spiritual-ethical books everyone needs to read in order to awaken and understand what our true biological diet and lifestyle needs are. If we are to survive as a species and co-exist with other beings, we need to understand that "Eden Fruitarian", as Mango Wodzak coined, is what we need to embrace in our lives if we want to create a world of peace and love. No longer can we argue against the fact, that eating food from the Garden of Eden is what our bodies' are biologically designed for. A highly recommended book for everyone."

- Michael Lanfield, author of The Interconnectedness of Life

00010 - By Tricia Conners, 9th October, 2013 - Arnold Ehret of the 21st Century

Mango is clearly the Arnold Ehret of the 21st century! This book is a must read for all budding vegans, raw vegans and fruitarians, it explains things in a no nonsense way, and should be on the bookshelf of anyone interested in self improvement and who genuinely cares about their healths the lives of others, and the environment. It goes further than every other raw book I've read so far. I heartily recommend his book, and will surely be ordering several more copies to give away to family and friends. THANK YOU MANGO!

00009 - By Monica Lubanska, 9th October, 2013 - Destination Eden is Soooo Good!

Mangodurian, your fruitarian book 'Destination Eden' is sooooo good! The logic with which you explain things makes being Fruitarian a no brainer! Educates people to take responsibility for themselves and for the world and it's living creatures. Love love love it! Peace x....I'm half way through.

00008 - By Li Sa, 4th October, 2013 - I Love It.

Mango, I finished your book some days ago and I love it. You did really well. And I am totally with you on the pet issue - my grandma used to say they don't belong in the house and should live wildly and freely. And great idea for a couple to choose their last name, I love it.

00007 - By Lissa, 1st October, 2013 - Ganz Anders.

Mango hat nach 13 Jahren sein Buch namens "Destination Eden" herausgebracht! Endlich, möchte ich sagen, denn es ist wirklich ganz anders als alles, was ich bisher zu dem Thema gelesen habe. Zuerst mal: Es geht kaum um's Essen. Dafür um vieles andere, von Barfußlaufen bis zu Politik. Mich hat es begeistert und an vielen Stellen zum Nachdenken angeregt. Mango ist einfach ein wirklicher Freigeist. Ich kann nicht an allen Stellen folgen, aber das muss man ja auch nicht.

Wer seinen Horizont erweitern und vieles mal in völlig neuem Licht sehen möchte:
Hier kann man das Buch in Papierversion oder als Pdf bestellen.

Translation: After 13 years, mango has published his book "destination Eden"! I have to say "finally" as it is really very different to everything else I've read so far on the subject. Firstly, it's not really about food, but about many other things, from being barefoot, to politics. I was fascinated by it, and much of it really made me stop and think. Mango's a real free spirit. I can't follow his every step, but there is no obligation to either.

Whoever wants to broaden their horizon, and see things in a fully new light, his book can be ordered as either a paperback or as PDF.

00006 - By Jeanette van Raaij, 26th September, 2013 - Everyone Should Read it a Couple of Times

Yes! Really good book! Everyone should read it a couple of times! And i am so glad that Mangodurian Elfrugivoro wrote it! I feel that i am not the only one thinking like this. I love life, i love living, i love peolpe, the earth, The Energy! Eating fruit and having less negative impact as possible with my use of everything. I want to take/use/recieve and give it back in a egual or higher vibration. Contribute to Paradise of Energy!

00005 - By Janus Groenewald, 26th September, 2013 - Not Just a Book

Mango, you have an absolute talent for writing, this is not just a book.. In my honest opinion you writing style should be honoured and placed amongst the best in the world.
I have ready many books in my life..
A suggestion and if you ever have time, if you would write a fantasy story book for adults / children, something similar to Lord of the rings etc. I believe you will sell thousands of copies.
You could make it about a fantasy fruit paradise and evil beings trying to kill all the animals and destroy the earth etc.

00004 - By Julie Groenewald, 25th September, 2013 - True Fruitarian Philosophy.

Our beautiful blue planet is raging with wars, terror, famines, sickness, sadness etc. There is a solution to this problem – understood only by a few, ridiculed by many.

A starting point for us is to realize first of all – we as humans need to consider how we conduct ourselves on our planet. We need to go back to basics - paradise in its whole - from where we have originated.
Have you ever thought about how society has conditioned the human race, in civilizing behavior, customs, values, etc. Have you ever thought who you were created to be, before you were told how to live life and what you should think, who would you be when you were left out in the wilderness? The other day I stumbled upon a blog of someone who said it quite nicely, re-wild yourself, what would that mean for us today?
Mango Wodzak presents in his book a view on true fruitarian philosophy – “Destination Eden: Fruitarianism” Explained sheds some light on the subject of human life on earth and is by far one of the most eye opening reads of the century.
Fruitarian philosophy does not only mean living on a fruit based diet, but also encompass faith, ethics, proper stewardship of our planet as instructed to us back in the Garden of Eden, ethics towards people inhabiting the planet, as well as all other living beings / things on the planet. Lastly by living in this holistic balanced view, we can enjoy health as a result – provided by the foods from Paradise.
Who we truly are have been compromised - where we are headed is our choice. This is a cause I live to support and spread to each and everyone who have an ear:
Fruitarian Philosophy is a peace revolution for our earth, in paving the road back to paradise.
Quote from Mango: “Going far beyond the realms of diet, this book explains the little understood concept of fruitarianism, and why there is an ever increasing need for humankind to better understand fruit and the unique role it can play in positively shaping the future.”

00003 - By Makemasa, 25th September, 2013 - Love Your Book

Hello Mango!

I love your book for 2 reasons.

1. Because it is a beautiful testimony to the possibility of humankind getting back to the Garden...and
2. Because it turned me on to Withnail and I.

I've passed it on to my wife and she is reading it with delight and we are discussing daily the wisdom inside.

Please let me know if I can help out in any way!

00002 - By Jeff, 16th September, 2013 - A Book the World Sorely Needs.

Got your book last week. I am really enjoying it so far. I find myself just opening it up to a random page and reading some amazing wisdom. Thank-you for publishing a book that the world sorely needs.


00001 - By Fruity Jules, 6th September, 2013 - Arnold Ehret of the 21st Century

Just want you to know I received your beautiful book yesterday. And I am loving it! I've read about half . . . looking forward to the weekend when I can really indulge myself. : ) I will definitely be buying more copies to give as gifts.

It is quite thought-provoking on many issues and I do need this challenge in some areas where I am not quite living up to my own beliefs. It's not so easy to break away from conventional thinking and modern society, as much as one wishes they could. It's very inspiring the way you have forged your own path and I look forward to your autobiography which will perhaps shed light on the more personal aspects of your transformation and journey.

But for now I am very happy to read your logical conclusions and hopes and dreams. Very well done, friend! You can be proud of this creation! Many thanks for sharing your thoughts and wisdom!!!

I am grateful you are here. The world needs you. ?



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