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Some months after publishing "Destination Eden – Eden Fruitarianism Explained", I suddenly felt a strong urge that more needed saying. While lying in my bed one night, I began envisioning the basic form a second book might take, and bright 'n early the following morning I opened up a new LibreOffice document and sketched out a rough outline of what I soon began calling The Guidebook. That was how this book got started, and just like my first book, it too was not written from cover to cover, but in completely random order filling out bits and pieces each time I felt inspired to do so.


The Eden Fruitarian Guidebook, is very much an expansion of all the thoughts and ideas expressed within Destination Eden. It's about one and a half times the size of Destination Eden and similarly (to the first edition) contains many inspirational quotes from influential figures throughout history and of our present era, that generally coincide with the thoughts I've expressed and exposed on each page. Click the image to the left to order the book.


First published at the beginning of February 2016, I feel this book gets more to the point about current issues in modern day society which most clearly need addressing. The emphasis is on the need for individual change on all levels; the way we think, the way we behave, the way we live, the way we view the world, and the way we view ourselves. Similar to my first book, it holds the vision of an earthly Eden, that can only come about through a collective global change in consciousness, which must begin with the individual.


A new paradigm, a new ecosystem, a new direction, a fresh hope. Many will likely criticise the vision I share throughout its pages, as I address many issues which are currently accepted (even by most vegans!) as the norm, but when viewed with open eyes and a mind free from clutter, it should be clear to us all just how harmful those norms actually are.


One of the first chapters is dedicated to the animals and the cruelty they suffer within the ongoing animal holocaust. I tackle 75 commonly posed oppositional arguments toward veganism, and give sound reasoning why each one of those objections and excuses is flawed. This I hope may be a good resource for others to use when confronted with such opposition.


I also attempt to answer the many questions submitted by readers of my first book, who queried particular aspects of the vision I share. Maybe here you will find your own thoughts and criticism reflected by other readers! (See the FAQs section at the end of the book..).


Should you choose to read this book, or my first one, I would very much appreciate your feedback, thoughts and criticisms. Please feel free to let me know what you think!


Thank you, and I wish everyone peace, health, happiness and love.


This book  is available through Lulu or the Amazon website.