This is the final tome in a series of 4 books about Uncommon Sense. These books do not require to be read in sequential order as they are all complementary of one another.


The primary focus of this particular one, is on the many ways in which things in this world have gone blatantly off-course and are the reverse from how they should, or could be.


As the subtitle of the book suggests, it is also a call to Anarchism; 'Vegan Anarchy' to be more precise. I shine the spotlight on the true meaning of government. Hopefully it will help the reader to view the systems under which we are segregated as being unjust and highly immoral.


After highlighting the current madness of this world, the book attempts to guide the reader forward through the understanding of Nature's Laws and the Nature Cure method of healing and maintaining one's health.


There is also a chapter dedicated to the current Covid19 Plandemic. My hope is to get readers to recognise that things are really NOT what they seem! At the very least I wish to foster the understanding that we all have far more control over our healths than many are choosing to believe.


This book was first published in October 2020. - Click the image above and to the left to order the book.









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